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Published: 05th July 2010
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Most turtle owners are usually not too informed about the breed of their pet. "What kind of Turtle do I have?" is a common query that many turtle owners are concerned about. If you also belong to this category of turtle owners then the following information will help you to figure out the breed of your turtle. There are a number of turtle breeds that thrive in this world and each type of breed has its own set of characteristics and survival requirements. So, if you are thinking about getting a turtle as a pet, then the following information should be useful for you as well.

There are more than three hundred turtle species that can be found on the earth. Providing detailed information on each and every species might not be possible. Rather, a short analysis of some of the most commonly found turtle breeds is given here. So, for those who are still trying to figure out the answer to the question, "What kind of Turtle do I have?" read on to get your answers.

• An aquatic water turtle or a semi aquatic turtle will have webbed toes that are more prominent and noticeable on its back legs. This is a very common way to recognize this breed of turtles.

• Sea turtles are those kinds that are usually found on the beach. Their distinct features are their front legs which look like flippers. These turtle breeds are quite common and the best thing to do when you see such a turtle would be to call your local wildlife rescue organization for situable help.

• If you still haven't figured out the answer to your question of "What kind of Turtle do I have?", then you can try running your hands over the turtle's skin. If it feels very smooth but leathery, it is probably a soft shell turtle.

• Box turtles are the kinds that have high shells and are shaped like a dome.

• A painted turtle is one which has red and yellow strips all the way down on its legs. A black or yellow colored turtle with red or orange colored markings on its cheeks are visible on a red-eared slider turtle.

• The Chrysemys turtle species has a carapace that is flat and unkeeled. It will also have many red, orange, yellow or black markings on itself. Sliders turtles, painted turtles and cooter turtles come under this type of turtle breeds.

• Turtles that have black or brown colored covering, skins that are olive or black toned and have 3 distinct ridges on their carapace belong under the Reeves turtle category.

• Spotted turtles are those ones that have yellow spots on their covering.

• If you still haven't got the answer to your "What kind of Turtle do I have?" question, then you might want to check for the following things:

1. a dark or black exterior

2. a big head, an extended neck and a stretched tail

3. clawed feet in the front or webbed feet in the back

4. a tiny plastron

If you find any of the following features on your turtle, it most probably is a snapping turtle.

Hopefully, the given information has been helpful for you and you now have a proper answer to your question of What Kind of Turtle do I have?". But just knowing about its breed is not enough. You also have to educate yourself about the various needs of various turtle breeds to ensure that you are able to give the best care for your pet turtle.

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